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Would you wish to establish your Corporate Social Responsibility policy and commit yourself to child welfare? Discover the significant advantages of a partnership with ECPAT France and how to support our organization.

Why support ECPAT France?

ECPAT France is

  • An international solidarity NGO recognized as being of general interest, dedicated to the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children;
  • The French branch of ECPAT, an international network present in nearly 80 countries and recognized by the UN;
  • Campaigns/operations at both global and national level.

Through your personal involvement alongside ECPAT France…

  • You are taking concrete action to promote and secure child protection from all forms of sexual exploitation;
  • You are strengthening your company’s self-image as a socially responsible company in France and internationally.
  • You are increasing staff, customers and service providers’ involvement in a cause of general public interest, which remains misunderstood.
  • You are reinforcing internal cohesion within your company.
  • You benefit from tax advantages as firms can deduce 60% of the amount of the donation from corporation tax within the limit of 0.5% of turnover ( Article 238 bis 1° of the general tax code)

What forms of partnerships?

The possibilities for collaboration between your organization and ECPAT France are numerous:

 Financial sponsorship  Provide financial support by a tax-deductible donation or by allocating a percentage of your annual turnover to ECPAT France.

 Product sharing operations  Link your CSR policy to your business activities and enhance your commitment to your customers by depositing a percentage (or a fixed amount) from the selling price of one of your products (or services) to ECPAT France.

 Internal solidarity challenges  Stimulate and federate your co-workers around a cause of general public interest by inviting them to make a donation during a fundraising event or an internal event (a race for profits, championship and tournament cups…)

 Communication and media support  Use your notoriety and fame to help a cause of public interest by broadcasting our awareness raising campaigns and disseminating our fundraising appeals on your communication media.

 And many more…  Training coworkers on combating the sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism, implementing employee saving plans, organize events (concerts, shows, exhibitions…) in support of ECPAT France, organizing travel of witnesses…

Because each organization is unique and confronted with specific objectives, we are committed to supporting your definition of a partnership strategy on terms we all agree upon.

Discover our partners that have already committed to support ECPAT France.

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