To successfully conduct its activities and actions aimed at securing and ensuring child protection, ECPAT France is supported by public and private partners/donors who have chosen to be active with us in the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children. We wish to thank them for their support and trust they have given us for so many years.

If you wish to support us, contact us at 01 49 34 83 13 or by email at


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Public partners

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes - FrancedgeDirection de la Coopération InternationaleOffice Central pour la Répression des Violences aux Personnes (OCRVP)BPMPréfecture de Policelogo ADPFrancopolEuropol

Private partners

AADHFédération Française des Techniciens et Scientifiques du TourismeSyndicat National des Agents de VoyagesLogo SETO webPetit FutéACCORClub MedLexisSelectour AfatATDAir AustralavexiaCorsairLook VoyagesTransat vacancesTUIBARATRThomas CookXLStudio NilanthiGuide TaoSalon des solidaritésPoint de contactPasteurCHDCollectif
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