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You wish to get involved at an individual level to help protect children from commercial sexual exploitation? Your support is fundamental to us!

Why support ECPAT France?

ECPAT France is

  • An international solidarity NGO recognized as being of general interest, dedicated to the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children;
  • The French branch of ECPAT, an international network present in nearly 80 countries and recognized by the UN;
  • Campaigns/operations at both global and national level.

What you can do:

  • Make a tax-deductible donation and take concrete action to support ECPAT France;
  • Devote your skills to a cause of general public interest by giving your contribution to support our actions as an NGO (translation, research, organizing events…);
  • Organize an event for the benefit of ECPAT France;
  • Become a responsible citizen and report online eventual cases of child sexual exploitation that you may become aware of.
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