Organizational structure and local offices

Bureaux locaux ECPAT France

The administrative board of ECPAT France consists of the following members:

EMMANUELLI Xavier, President; CHEVILLARD Philippe, Honorary President; O’BRIAIN Muireann, Vice-President; JOLY Jean-Marie, Secretary; MONDOT Olivier, Treasurer

The association is composed of a head office in France and field offices in Burkina Faso and Madagascar.


About fifteen people ensure the proper functioning of the association on a daily basis. Divided into two segments (an operational segment and a support segment), the team is composed of program coordinators, a legal department, a private sector engagement coordinator, and a communication and press relations’ manager. The administrative and financial department ensures effective financial account management and facilitates external audits on expenditures, which are required by public institutions such as the European Union (EU) and the French Agency for Development (AFD).

Equipe ECPAT France (Burkina Faso) BURKINA FASO 

The local coordinating office in Burkina Faso was created in 2012. Its mandate is to coordinate actions on the ground and ensure an effective follow-up with partners and young victims. ECPAT France office in Burkina Faso is composed of a dedicated team responsible for monitoring activities carried out in Western Africa. To ensure project monitoring, the local team regularly visits partner associations in the region, especially in Benin and in the Republic of Niger. They also contribute to the capitalization of methods, tools, good practices and experiences.

Equipe ECPAT France (Madagascar) MADAGASCAR 

After 10 years of experience on the ground, the Malagasy team of ECPAT France has an excellent knowledge of the field. In 2012, the local office was formally set-up. Its mission is to continue the actions undertaken by its members regarding projects that have been developed by other child protection associations over the last few years. On a daily basis, Educators and Program Managers are faced with a difficult challenge: reduce child prostitution rates in a country that has become one of the most affected countries worldwide by this type of scourge.

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